Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets 1000 KG

  • Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets 1000kg bulka bags are a cost-effective fertiliser for commercial growers.

    Charlie Carp® All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets are a Slow-Release Fish Fertiliser that feeds your plants and crops gradually, improving the soil structure and moisture retention. It encourages earthworm activity and is suitable for commercial growers.

    Made from whole European Carp, Charlie Carp® All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets are rich in protein so they can act quickly by providing macro and micro nutrients directly to your plants crops. The pellets contain natural oils from the fish which helps deter crop pests.

    • These Slow Release Fertiliser Pellets will feed your plants and crops gradually over 3 months after the initial boost, ensuring resistance to weather extremes and diseases.
    • The Odourless Pellets will not only feed your plants and crops but will also promote overall soil health & fertility for ongoing health and growth all year round.

    Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets are ideal for use on the following:

    • vineyards, orchards and vegetable growing
    • all types of pastures, including legumes and grasses
    • all types of summer and winter crops, including rice, barley, wheat, canola
    • all types of turf and lawns, incl active parks and reserves, sporting ovals, golf and racecourses, and schools
    • plant establishments and nurseries
  • Directions for use:

    • For best results we recommend watering in well after spreading
    • Apply twice yearly during the growing season
    • The Odourless Pellets are easy and safe to apply by hand or mechanical spreaders due to their 4mm size
    • Ensure foliage and base of plants are clear of fertiliser
    • Do not apply in the heat of the day
    • Schedule for night watering where possible
    • The pellets are a slow-release product and sometimes will show some mould on the top after watering. This is a natural occurrence of the slow breakdown of the product. You can dig the pellets into the soil to avoid this.

    Application Rate:

    150 - 200 kgs per hectare