Charlie Carp is a constructive and effective solution to a serious, introduced environmental problem. We are turning an environmental negative into an environmental positive by creating beautiful gardens and lawns, crops and pastures… Now that’s a Bonus!

European Carp are the most invasive and destructive fresh water fish in the world. They destroy river systems and displace native fish. Each fish lays one million eggs per year, that is three times that of our native fish. Carp are bottom dwellers so they suck up the mud and silt from the bottom of the waterways, then spit it out muddying and dirtying up the water and undermining the riverbanks. This makes it impossible for our native fish to live and grow in healthy waterways.

The carp are supplied to us from licensed commercial fishermen, who catch them in the lakes and rivers either using nets or electro fishing. The fish must be either snap frozen or fresh on ice - we cannot use rotten fish in our production processing.

As well as cleaning up our waterways, all Charlie Carp products are environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals. This unique and effective fertiliser is made from 100% European Carp, not just the scraps so it is full of all the Vitamins, Minerals and vital trace elements needed to boost your plant’s immune system making it stronger and more resilient to disease. All these vital elements also help boost plant growth and leaf shine. It’s a definite Bonus for the environment both in the River systems and on the Garden!