About Us

Who is Charlie Carp?

The Story of Charlie Carp is interesting and unique.The company was set up in June 1998, via a group of people from the Hay and Deniliquin districts in New South Wales,  who were interested in pursuing a viable commercial use for European Carp, whilst at the same time reducing their numbers.

Is your product sustainably produced?

Charlie Carp assists in the reestablishment of native species in Australian waterways by removing the feral (and destructive) fish species - European Carp. We process between 300 and 400 tonne of European Carp per year, which are removed from Australian waterways, and turn it into a rich garden fertiliser.

What happens to the parts of fish you don't use?

The whole fish is used, not just fish scraps.  Coupled with being a freshwater feral species fish rather than a saltwater native fish, we believe this gives the product a sustainable edge on its competitors. The carp are either fresh or snap frozen - we do not use fish that has begun decaying.

How is it made?

The fish is initially minced and placed into a rendering plant, where water is added and the fish is slowly cooked and rendered down.  The fish concentrate is then screened down to 100 micron.  This creates an extremely concentrated and highly balanced plant food, containing macro and micro nutrients for plants and soil, and as the liquid contains natural oil from the fish, this also helps to deter garden pests.

The liquid is processed into bottles and the solids are dried and combined with compost to make a fertiliser pellet, which produces zero waste.