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Where can I purchase Charlie Carp?

Yes, Charlie Carp liquid works best when applied as a foliar fertiliser until point of drip off. This allows the plants to take in the macro and micro nutrients immediately through their foliage whilst the drip off nourishes the soil.

Yes we have had several customers advising this as the possums dislike the smell.

Refill the empty 2.2 litre bottle with 500ml of the concentrate and fill
the rest of the bottle up with water.

Yes. Whilst Charlie carp is good for every type of plant and lawn for orchids and chillies we reccomend using half strength but twice
as often ie 5mls per 1 litre of water every 2 weeks.

Charlie Carp is great for increasing yields on winter and summer crops. We recommend spraying all over the foliage until point of drip off - this allows the the plant to take in the macro and micro nutrients immediately through their foliage, whilst the drip off nourishes the soil. We recommend spraying twice during the growing season. Firstly spray when you have a good coverage of foliage over the paddock and secondly as a top dress.

As natives are regarded as being phosphorous intolerant, it is advised
to use Charlie carp at half the recommended rate before moving up to full rate. Charlie Carp has a low phosphorous of 1%.

Yes, the products have no harmful ingredients and are perfectly safe for animals.

Charlie Carp is only sold within Australia and New Zealand at this stage. It is possible to ship products overseas, but freight is very costly.

Charlie Carp is great for all fruit and nut trees. Make sure to follow the dilution rates suitable for your type of plant.

We use 100% European Carp which includes the whole fish ie fish, flesh, guts, bones and all.

Charlie Carp Premium Organic and seaweed is 100% fish with no natural additives, and is certified by NASAA.
Charlie Carp All Purpose is 100% fish but has an added boost of Nitrogen.

The Ph varies between 3 and 4 depending on where the fish have been feeding.

Charlie Carp Fertiliser is best used early in the mornings or later in the evenings. Definitely NOT in the middle or the main heat of the day. If you know a day is going to be above 30 degrees, it is best to wait for a cooler day, e.g. 28 degrees or below as it depends on the position of your plants and the way your garden faces, i.e. North, South, East or West.

From a seasonal point of view, you should fertilise your Roses when you plant them and as soon as the growing period starts. i.e. early Spring. Fertilise fortnightly as a foliar feed until point of drip off and the excess drips down into the soil, nourishing the roots. Charlie Carp works well as a preventative to black spot and aphids. You must treat the black spot first then spray with Charlie carp to prevent it from recurring. The oil from the fish leaves a fine film on the foliage, which aphids detest.

Charlie Carp is excellent for orchids, We recommend half strength but twice as often ie 5mls per 1 litre of water every 2 weeks.

The two methods that are used are a netting process and electro fishing

This is highly unlikely to happen for an extremely long time as 90% of
the fish population in the Murray – Darling Basin alone is Carp. In our
warmer environment, the carp’s breeding cycle is less interrupted and they can out breed native fish many times over.

Excellent results have been achieved on vineyards, lucerne, barley,
oats, wheat, pastures, vegetables, cotton and cut flowers just to name a few.

Yes, Charlie Carp is screened down to 100 micron to enable it to be applied through these systems.

Charlie Carp does have an slight odour which dissipates after 1-2 of application.

Charlie carp has different application rates for different plants. Always make sure you read the application & dilutions rates on the back label of the bottle or bag.

We don't recommend mixing Charlie Carp fertilisers with any other products as we have not conducted any tests on this.

No native fish are utilised in the manufacturing of Charlie Carp. The fish are caught using a mixture of nets, electro fishing and fish traps all native fish are released back into the river systems. Dolphin free & drift net free; no saltwater fish or marine life are harmed or used in the manufacturing of Charlie Carp.