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Australia’s Best Liquid Fish Fertiliser

What is Charlie Carp?

Charlie Carp is an innovation in liquid fish fertiliser. Not only is it the best organically based fertiliser on the market for your lawn and garden, it also helps to sustain a healthy environment and stabilise the natural ecosystem here in Australia.

We supply liquid fish fertiliser in its purest form by using the whole fish in the manufacturing process. Charlie Carp fish fertiliser provides an almost perfect balance to deliver plants and grass enough nutrients they need for healthy growth. It contains both micro and macro nutrients that help to give you long-lasting results in the colour and health of your garden or lawn.

Soil health will also prosper with Charlie Carp. Fish fertiliser has been proven to improve soil quality, leading to enhanced, deeper rooting due to the better penetration of nutrients and water. It can also rebuild and replenish older, unproductive soil, bringing it back to life.

Perfect for everything your garden grows we use the whole fish so Charlie Carp is full of all the vitamins and minerals essential for a beautiful garden and lawn. Economical and easy to apply Charlie Carp goes to work immediately creating a healthy immune system and strong growth……not only are we growing beautiful gardens and lawns…we are cleaning up the waterways of Australia.


Charlie Carp is a constructive and effective solution to a serious, introduced environmental problem. We are turning an environmental negative into an environmental positive by creating beautiful gardens and lawns, crops and pastures… Now that’s a Bonus!

European Carp are the most invasive and destructive fresh water fish in the world. They destroy river systems and displace native fish. Each fish lays one million eggs per year, that is three times that of our native fish. Carp are bottom dwellers so they suck up the mud and silt from the bottom of the waterways, then spit it out muddying and dirtying up the water and undermining the riverbanks. This makes it impossible for our native fish to live and grow in healthy

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