Charlie Carp 15 Litre Organic

  • Charlie Carp Premium Organic is the ideal natural alternative, suited to those who want to be 100% organic all the way to the table.

    The 15 litre concentrate makes up to 4500 litres and is ideal for larger lawns, gardens and commercial growers.

    Charlie Carp Premium Organic is NASAA approved and certified, making it the ideal solution for fruit, vegetables, crops and pastures that require organic certification.

    There is an increasing demand for organic and bio-dynamic foods and Charlie Carp Premium Organic offers the growers of these crops and produce, the opportunity to capitalise from the increasing demands and margins that are being achieved in these specialised areas.

    Charlie Carp Premium Organic provides young plants with improved growth rates and therefore healthier plants this means better yields and therefore better return.

    Charlie Carp Premium Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner has been formulated to improve both the growth and quality of your commercial crops and produce. 

    For the best results complete spray coverage is essential.

    Charlie Carp is best applied on it’s own as mixing with other products may effect performance.

    When temperatures exceed 32°C do not apply to foliage as leaf or fruit damage may be possible.

    Use Charlie Carp Premium Organic for all plants & shrubs including: Lawns, Vegetables, Flowers, Indoor Plants, Hanging Baskets, Strawberries, Palms, Orchids, Roses, Ferns, Native Shrubs, Seedlings, Herbs.

  • Directions for Use:

    Shake well before use

    Apply to Foliage until point of run-off

    Never apply direct from the bottle

    Never apply in the heat of the day, early morning or late evening is best

    Commercial Dilution and Application Rates:

    15 litres of concentrate into 100 litres of water.

    7.5 litres of concentrate into 100 litres of water – for seedlings and natives.

    We strongly recommend stirring the concentrate well prior to mixing with water. Product is screened down to 100 micron so it will go through boom sprays etc and we recommend using the largest nozzles and final filters removed, where possible.

    Standard Dilution Rate:

    10ml to 1 litre of water or 90 ml to 9 litres of water (if using a standard 9 litre watering can)

    Covers 10 m2

    Application Rate per 1L of Water Frequency
    Established Gardens, Trees, Roses and Shrubs 10 ml Monthly
    Ferns & Indoor plants 3 ml 2-4 weeks during growing season
    Lawns 5 ml Monthly during growing season
    Natives 5ml Monthly during growing season
    Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Annuals 5 - 10ml 2-4 weeks during growing season
    Camelias, Azaleas & Rhododendrons 5ml Monthly during growing season
    Seedlings 5ml 2-4 weeks during growing season
    Transplanting & planting 5ml At planting and again 2 weeks later