Charlie Carp 2.2 Litre All Purpose Spray Pack

  • Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser is Australia's organically based, environmentally friendly and general-purpose fish fertiliser.

    This ready to use 2.2 litre hose on spray is the ideal way to foliar fertilise. So easy to click onto your hose system and fertilise the entire garden from your lawn to your trees, shrubs, seedlings and hedges.

    Our All Purpose Fertiliser is a general fertiliser that can be used on all plants and shrubs. It is organically based and made from European carp, a pest that is destroying Australian waterways.

    Charlie Carp All Purpose fertiliser is packed full of nutrients including omega 3 oils and proteins to help grow your indoor and outdoor plants, lawns and crops. With our All Purpose Fertiliser there is no need to worry about changing which fertiliser you use on each individual plant, garden bed or lawns.

    Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser is good for everything your garden grows.

    • Is compatible with all types of plants and lawns

    • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

    • Organically based fertiliser high in nitrogen and low in phosphorous

    • Effective in all seasons and climates

    • Stimulates faster and more luscious growth

    • Encourages more abundant flowering and fruiting

    • Boosts plant immune system

    • Improves soil by encouraging micro-organisms

  • Directions for Use:

    1. Shake well before use.
    2. Remove two pin plus from the top of the hose on applicator. Ensure that both holes A and B are clear.
    3. Connect hose to applicator C and turn on tap. Use medium to high water pressure.
    4. START the flow of water by pulling up on D and slide the switch UP. To STOP the flow of water, push down on location E.
    5. Charlie Carp will be drawn out of the container in the right ratio to water.
    6. Spread water evenly over the garden and lawn whilst holding the bottle upright and continuing to shake the bottle.
    7. Replace two hole plus after use.
    Application Established gardens, trees, roses, vegetables, fruits, annuals, lawns, natives, ferns, indoor plants Amount/Frequency
    Spray plant foliage and lawn until point of run-off. Apply fortnightly during growing season and monthly thereafter.
    Established Gardens, Trees, Roses and Shrubs 10 ml Monthly
    Ferns & Indoor plants 3 ml 2-4 weeks during growing season
    Lawns 5 ml Monthly during growing season
    Natives 5ml Monthly during growing season
    Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Annuals 5 - 10ml 2-4 weeks during growing season
    Camelias, Azaleas & Rhododendrons 5ml Monthly during growing season
    Seedlings 5ml 2-4 weeks during growing season
    Transplanting & planting 5ml At planting and again 2 weeks later