Charlie Carp 200 Litre Organic

  • Charlie Carp Premium Organic is the ideal natural alternative, suited to those who want to be 100% organic all the way to the table.

    The 200 litre concentrate is an economical way for commercial growers to get the most out of their fertilisers.

    200 Litres makes up to 60,000 Litres

    Charlie Carp Premium Organic is NASAA approved and certified, making it the ideal solution for fruit, vegetables, crops and pastures that need that NASAA certification.

    There is an increasing demand for organic and bio-dynamic foods and Charlie Carp offers the producers of those crops the opportunity to capitalise from the increasing demands and margins that are being achieved in these specialised areas.

    Charlie Carp Premium Organic will provide young plants with improved growth rates and therefore healthier plants this means better yields and therefore better returns

    Charlie Carp Premium Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner has been formulated to improve both the growth and quality of your commercial crop

    It is ideal for use on the following:

    • vineyards, orchids and vegetable growing

    • all types of pastures, including legumes and grasses

    • all types of summer and winter crops, including rice, barley, wheat, canola

    • all types of turf and lawns, incl active parks and reserves, sporting ovals, golf and racecourses, and schools

    • plant establishments and nurseries

  • Commercial Dilution Rate:

    15 litres of concentrate into 100 litres of water.

    7.5 litres of concentrate into 100 litres of water – for seedlings and natives.

    We strongly recommend stirring the concentrate well prior to mixing with water. Product is screened down to 100 micron so it will go through boom sprays etc and we recommend using the largest nozzles and final filters removed, where possible.

    Commercial Application Rate:

    Spray out at 100 litres per hectare.

    It can be applied via fertigation, foliar spray and can be used as a wetting agent.

    Apply twice yearly during the growing season.

    For best results we recommend applying to the foliage until point of run-off – this allows the plants to take in the nutrients immediately through their foliage and the run off drips down into the soil feeding the roots.

    Charlie Carp is best applied on its own as mixing with other products may affect performance.

    When temperatures exceed 32˚C do not apply to foliage as leaf or fruit damage may be possible.

    Nitrogen 2%  Phosphorus 0.40%  Potassium 0.75%