Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets 20KG

  • Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets 20kg bags are a cost-effective size for home gardeners and small acerages.

    Charlie Carp® All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets are a Slow-Release Fish Fertiliser that feeds your plants gradually, improving the soil structure and moisture retention. It encourages earthworm activity and is suitable for all plants, lawns and shrubs. Made from whole European Carp, Charlie Carp® All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets are rich in protein so they can act quickly by providing macro and micro nutrients directly to your garden and lawns. The pellets contain natural oils from the fish which helps deter garden pests.

    • These Slow Release Fertiliser Pellets will feed your garden gradually over 3 months after the initial boost, ensuring resistance to weather extremes and diseases.
    • The Odourless Pellets are perfect for indoor plants and make it ideal for easy application around your lawn and for storage.
    • Charlie Carp® All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets will not only feed your lawn but will also promote overall soil health & fertility for ongoing health and growth all year round.
  • Directions for use:

    • Always water in well after applying pellets
    • Ensure foliage and base of plants are clear of fertiliser
    • Do not apply in the heat of the day
    • Schedule for night watering where possible
    • The pellets are a slow-release product and sometimes will show some mould on the top after watering. This is a natural occurrence of the slow breakdown of the product. You can dig the pellets into the soil if you prefer.

    Application Rate Directions

    As a guide: One adult handful holds about 75g

    Avoid spreading closer than 10cm to the base of plants

    Established Trees, Shrubs & Roses 75g per m² Apply evenly around the drip line of the tree
    Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs and Annuals 75g per m²

    Apply evenly over the soil and surrounding plants.

    Natives, Indoor Plants and Seedlings 37g per m²
    Camelias, Azaleas and Rhododendrons 37g per m²
    Transplanting and Planting 37g per m²
    Lawns - New 3-5kgs per 100m² Until established
    Lawns - Established 5-8kgs per 100m² Apply Spring and Autumn