All Purpose Fertiliser

Charlie Carp All Purpose is Australia’s organically based, environmentally friendly and general-purpose fertiliser.

Our All Purpose Fertiliser is a general fertiliser that can be used on all plants and shrubs. This organically based fertiliser is made from European carp, a pest that is destroying Australian waterways. It does not contain any synthetics or harmful chemicals.

Charlie Carp All Purpose fertiliser is packed full of nutrients including omega 3 oils and proteins to help grow your indoor and outdoor plants, lawns and crops. With our general fertiliser, there is no need to worry about changing which fertiliser you use on each individual plant or garden bed – Charlie Carp All Purpose can be used on whatever your garden grows.

Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Features:

  • Is compatible with all types of plants and lawns
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Natural fertiliser high in nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Effective in all seasons and climates
  • Stimulates faster and more luscious growth
  • Encourages more abundant flowering and fruiting
  • Boosts plant immune system
  • Improves soil by encouraging micro-organisms

Where to Buy Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser

our fertilisers are available for purchase at a variety of gardening and hardware retailers.

See the full list of stockists here.

Residential Use

Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser is available in a range of sizes to suit residential use. Our general fertiliser is perfect for use on pot plants, garden beds, veggie patches, fruit trees and lawns.

Our residential sizes include 1L, 2.2L, 2.5L and 5L.

Commercial Use

Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser is suitable for a broad spectrum of commercial applications. Our fertiliser has had proven results on vineyards, orchards, racecourses and other broadacre crops. We offer bulk sizing to suit the scale of your commercial usage, including a 20L, 200L, 1000L.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I apply Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser?

Apply our general fertiliser monthly for best results or fortnightly in peak growing months (Spring and Summer).

How is Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser different from our Organic Fertiliser?

The main difference between these fertilisers is that our All Purpose Fertiliser contains an added boost of nitrogen to encourage faster results. Our Premium Organic fertilisers have no additives making it completely organic. They are made exclusively with 100% European Carp.

How is Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser different from Charlie Carp FishWorks Pellets?

Charlie Carp FishWorks is an organically based slow-release fertiliser in the form of pellets. Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser is an organically based liquid fertiliser that encourages fast growth and needs to be reapplied monthly.