Commercial Fertilisers

Charlie Carp commercial fertilisers are made from pure European Carp. European Carp is an invasive pest in Australian waterways, which destroys river systems and displaces native fish. Charlie Carp liquid commercial fertilisers provide nutrition for plant growth while helping to restore Australian eco-systems. Our fertilisers can be dispersed through irrigation systems and boom sprays. Charlie Carp all-purpose and organic fertiliser are available in 1,000L, 200L &  20L sizes.

Commercial fertilisers are ideal for use on the following:

Crops & Agriculture:

For vineyards, vegetables, orchards, and broadacre growers, Charlie Carp manufacture fertilisers in bulk to cater for farm use. Choose from our natural all-purpose fertiliser and organic fertilisers. Our commercial fertilisers are made from composted fish, which contains all the necessary nutrients for your commercial crops, allowing better yields and returns.

Turf and Lawn

Charlie Carp commercial fertilisers are perfect for use on active parks and reserves, sporting ovals, golf & racecourses and schools. The benefit of our liquid fish fertilisers is that they are absorbed not only by the grass but the soil too. This helps to improve the quality of the soil, leading to healthy and luscious turfs and lawns. In Australia, lawns and turf should be fertilised monthly during spring and summer.

Nursery & Amenity

Charlie Carp commercial fertilisers are suitable for use in plant establishments, are safe on seedlings and provide healthy plant growth. Our commercial fertilisers contain micro and macronutrients that are gentle on new growth.

Charlie Carp: All-Purpose or Organic?

When considering which commercial fertiliser to use it’s important to consider your budget and the results you want.

Charlie Carp’s natural, all-purpose liquid fertiliser has a high level of nitrogen which provides fast growth and extra greening. In comparison, our organic liquid fertilisers release the nutrients more slowly and last for a longer period. Organic certified products will have longer-term benefits for the plant and soil.

If you are growing crops, and want your products to be 100% organic, then opt for our organic fertiliser. Alternatively, if you are seeking more instantaneous results for a greener and healthier turf, choose our all-purpose fertiliser.

For more information about organic fertilisers check out our article The Pros and Cons of Using Organic Fertiliser.

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