plant in hand from organic soil

Which Type of Organic Fertiliser is Best for my Garden?

There’s an abundance of options to choose from when deciding to use organic fertiliser on your garden. It’s easy to become confused or overwhelmed by them but fear not, we are here to help you understand the different types of organic fertiliser available and highlight the benefits of using natural products. Why Does my Garden […]

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Australian Native Plant red bottlebrush

How to Fertilise and Care for Your Garden’s Native Plants

Using native plants in your garden is a great way to conserve flora as well as preserve water resources. Just a little care and some native plant fertiliser will ensure your Aussie garden remains healthy year-round. Native plants make favourable gardens because they’re easy to nurture and propagate. But choosing to grow them doesn’t just […]

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Which Works Best for my Garden – Liquid Fertiliser or Dry Pellets?

To keep your garden looking healthy it’s important to add fertiliser to the soil every three to four weeks. Plants need to be fed vital nutrients to thrive well, produce fruit and propel growth. It’s also necessary to condition the soil of your garden and enhance the resistance of the plants, strengthening their roots and […]

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Jason -Fishworks

Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets

This month we have launched our first pelletised slow release fertiliser into the retail market (exclusive to Bunnings), Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets. Charlie Carp All Purpose Fertiliser Pellets are a general purpose slow release fertiliser that are ODOURLESS. They are made from European Carp and other natural plant organic waste. We have been […]

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Organic Fertiliser

The Pros and Cons of Using Organic Fertiliser

The most natural and environmentally-friendly form of fertiliser is known as organic fertiliser. Organic fertilisers are made up of either animal or vegetable matter and contain no artificial or synthetic materials. With organic fertilisers comes a range of great benefits that are sure to make not only you but also your garden smile. Although organic […]

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Canola: Grown on Charlie Carp

A farmer in Deniliquin has sent us these photos of his Canola Crop after spraying with Charlie Carp All Purpose. Another example of the fantastic results that can be achieved with a Carp based fertiliser. The oils and macro and micro nutrients contained within Charlie Carp are extremely beneficial. Not an ordinary fertiliser. […]

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