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This month we have launched our first pelletised slow release fertiliser into the retail market (exclusive to Bunnings), Fishworks FOR GARDENS.

Fishworks FOR GARDENS is a general purpose slow release fertiliser with NO ODOUR. It is made from European Carp and other natural plant organic waste. We have been producing a dry pellet product for the commercial market for some years and it has been extremely popular, because it is so effective and it does not smell. Our commercial pellets are being used at many famous sporting fields around the country.

Fishworks FOR GARDENS will feed you plants gradually, improving the soil structure and moisture retention. It encourages earthworms activity and is suitable for all plants, lawns and shrubs. It is rich in protein and natural oils. It will feed you garden gradually for over 3 months after the initial boost ensuring resistance to weather extremes and diseases. They are easy to apply around the garden.

Find out more information here or feel free to contact us.

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