Plant Fertiliser

Fish solutions have long been used as a plant fertiliser for many reasons.  The popularity of fish as a fertiliser dates back as far as the Egyptian times.  Back then they knew that composted fish would provide the desired nutrients and minerals to plants, crops and lawns. Modern day fish fertiliser delivers this in a much more accessible format – plant feed.

Charlie Carp liquid fish fertiliser is a natural source of macro and micronutrients for all your garden plants.

What type of plants can I use Charlie Carp on?

Charlie Carp is the best plant fertiliser that is derived from fish.  It’s a concentrated liquid which, after being diluted, can be used on all types of plants, fruit trees, vegetables and garden flowers.

How often should I feed my plants?

As fish fertiliser is a fast-acting plant food that can be applied to all your garden plants and vegetables.  Because it’s so fast acting you may need to reapply more often than say the lawn.

For native plants and flowers, it’s advised to mix 1 cap of Charlie Carp to 2 litres of water or alternatively you can fill a 9-litre watering can and add 4.5 capfuls (this will cover up to 10 square metres). You should apply this mixture to your native plants monthly during spring and summer, which are the growing months. For seedlings, this mixture should be reapplied two weeks after planting.

Ferns and indoor plants require more frequent but diluted applications.  You can choose either 1 cap of Charlie Carp to 3 litres of water or 3 capfuls dissolved in a 9-litre watering can.  This mixture can then be fed to your ferns and indoor plants every 2 to 4 weeks.

For your vegetables, herbs and fruits you can either mix one capful to two litres of water or for an immediate lift you can double the concentrate to one capful to one litre of water.  The mixture should be applied to your veggies, herbs and fruits every 2 to 4 weeks during the specified growing times.

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